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Aeration Systems

for Large Ponds and Lakes


Pictured above is an aerator compressor with a cutaway view through its protective cabiinet. Beside it is a single air diffuser plate..

We can install your aeration system for you.



Why install an aeration system?
At Cool Ponds, we learned a long time ago that working against Mother Nature will bring nothing but hours and dollars wasted, not to mention a big headache! Instead, we try to work with nature. Ponds and lakes are no exception!

The goal is to create a self-balancing, ecologically friendly body of water that is easy to care for and asthetically pleasing. An aeration system is the very first step. An aeration system pushes oxygen into the bottom of the pond, sending tiny bubbles that float the surface--aerating not only the depth and surface of your pond but the entire water column!

This now oxygen-rich environment increases aerobic bacteria growth, which decreases algae food sources. What does this mean for you? Clear water, less "muck", less algae, and a healthier fish population!

What's the differnce between an aerator and a fountain?
It's a common misconception that a fountain will do the same job as an aerator-- which is untrue! A fountain only aerators the very surface of your pond. An aerator will oxygenate all of your water, including the bottom.

Aerators go hand-in-hand with our natural pond and lake treatments.
Check out our online store for our complete line of pond and lake treatments. We always recommend adding a beneficial bacteria, which will drastically help clear your water! No more need for copper sulfate, which can be toxic and expensive in the long run.

We can install your aeration system for you!
Although installing your aeration system is simple and straight-forward to install, we are more than happy to do it for you! After installing the aerator plates in the bottom of your pond and hooking up the compressor, our technician will explain how to use and maintain your aeration system.

How do you size an aeration system?
Our aeration systems are totally customizable to fit your exact specifications.

We need two basic measurements to size your system. We need the average depth of your pond, and we need your approximate surface area in acres.

Once you have those measurements, we will find the perfect-sized aeration system for your pond!

Need help? We can size your acreage for you with just the address of your pond or lake.

What is included in each system?

In the list below are the components included with each system. Each system is complete, but we can also sell each component separately.

  • Air compressor with composite cabinet (includes cooling fan within cabinet)
  • Pre-wired electrical box-- so all you have to do is plug the compressor into your existing 110v or 230v outdoor outlet!
  • Self-weighted airline
  • Weighted plate air diffusers (there are several models and quantities depending on your pond size)

Getting Started.
Call us, email us, or stop into our shop to get started with your own aeration system! We will happily answer specific questions about your pond or lake. Want to see the compressor up close? Come to our store to see our display model!


  Thank you for supporting our local, family owned business.

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