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Pond Installation




All the water features we build are custom designed to your needs. We know how to build a natural looking, completely functional pond that will fit your location. It will look like it's always been there and created by Mother Nature herself.

Your pond will be crystal clear if installed properly. It looks like this frog is floating in air!


Some people think that how you take care of your pond determines if it's the best thing you're ever done or your worst nightmare. They're wrong... It's how the pond is initially constructed that determines if you love it or hate it!

Cool Ponds builds and maintains natural looking, low-maintenance ponds every day. It's what we do. We have perfected our installations to create mini-ecosystems that almost take care of themselves. There's of course a start-up period where the pond is balancing and becoming a living, growing ecosystem. But we're with you step by step... teaching, supporting, helping you understand what's going on with your pond.

We've never had a client tell us they wish they'd never installed their pond... only that they wish they had done it sooner. You will not believe the relaxation and enjoyment you get from your pond. No matter what the time of day (the underwater lights are incredible) or season (even though you're not outside, water features are beautiful in the winter.)

Please stop in and wander our display gardens soon. Have a seat on the patio and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waterfall or feed the fish. We'd love to tell you more about it.


Thank you for supporting our local, family owned business.


901 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Another benefit of a pond is choosing the awesome aquatic plants to accompany it. We'll teach you which plants are not only beautiful but beneficial to your pond as well.