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Water Feature Maintenance




Crystal Clear Water is a Must for Our "Cool Ponds".

Water Features are beautiful in the fall.


Cool Ponds has a dedicated Maintenance Department that can provide the following services for your water feature:

Complete Cleaning A complete cleaning involves removing any fish, draining the pond, cleaning out all the debris, refilling, trimming aquatic plants and treating with the appropriate water treatments. Read our "Frequently Asked Questions About Water Feature Cleanings" page here.

Regular Program Maintenance Our regular maintenance starts with a complete cleaning in the spring or fall followed by bi-weekly visits to apply natural water treatments, check underwater lights, trim any aquatic plants as needed, and clean skimmers. We follow up with netting your feature in early fall and then removing the net before winter. You don't have to even consider your water feature's maintenance. It's all done for you!

Fall Netting Sometimes installing a net over a feature can be cumbersome especially if only one person is doing it. Let us set it up for you and then come back and take it down before winter. Your feature will be virtually leaf free!

Party Prep Got a big event coming up and no time to prepare your water feature? We're here to help! We can clean your pond, add any rock, plants, or lights, weed and mulch, etc. We do request at least two weeks notice for party prep.

Vacation Packages Need someone to watch your pond while you are away? We can monitor your water level, clean your filters, and feed your fish. No worries...have a great vacation. Cool Ponds has you covered.

Want more info on Cool Ponds Water Feature Maintenance Services? Email us! We're also happy to teach you how to do your own maintenance. Stop by our store or visit our Classes page to find upcoming seminars.


Pondless waterfalls are growing in popularity because of their striking features and simplicity.






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