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Green Water





Green water is the most common source of frustration for pond owners. Caused by single-celled algae, the key is to prevent it before it ever happens. The following are some tips on how you can prevent green water as well as rid yourself of it if you already have it.

  • Get some Water Hyacinths every spring. Water Hyacinths are floating plants that will remove nutrients from the water and starve algae.
  • Use BioClear and Clean, a beneficial bacteria, regularly. The beneficial bacterial that we use and sell at Cool Ponds is easy to use and works fantastic! If you already have an existing green water issue or if you have new water in your pond, use the maximum dosage as suggested on the product label. Click here to view the Cool Pond's recommended water treatment regimen.
  • Make sure you have adequate oxygenation in your pond. Beneficial bacteria is aerobic...it needs oxygen to work. Simply adding a small aerator will sometimes do the trick.
  • You should have 2" of river rock on the bottom of your pond...no more and no less. Do not use pea gravel which is too small. Rock on the pond bottom gives beneficial bacteria more surface area to colonize. And contrary to what you may think, rock in the pond will actually keep your pond cleaner if you use a good benefical bacteria regularly.
  • Realize that a green coating of algae on all the surfaces in your pond is a good thing. Green rocks in your pond will lead to clear water.
  • If your pond is over-populated, consider removing some fish. You should have no more than 1" of fish per 10 gallons of water.
  • Stop overfeeding your fish or don't feed them at all. In an established pond, unless it is over-populated, the fish don't need to be fed. They will forage for food and keep your pond cleaner.
  • When you do feed your fish, use a high quality, high protein food like Cool Ponds Koi and Goldfish Food. Poor quality foods that can be purchased in discount stores are mostly filler. That filler becomes fish waste that pollutes your pond and feeds algae.
  • Stop using anything that "kills" algae. Dead algae feeds more algae.
  • Stop using anything that prevents string algae. Having a little string algae will actually help clear your water. Get the water clear first, then work on the string algae.
  • Refrain from draining your pond. You're just starting over. Find and fix the problem. Draining is just a short term fix.
  • Have patience! Low maintenance ponds are those that are naturally balanced and mimick mother nature. When using any of these tips above realize they are not quick fixes but will be benefical and easy in the long run!


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