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Installation and Maintenance


You may have seen ponds that look kind of "fakey" because of the un-aesthetic pond shape and un-creative choice and placement of rocks. One thing that sets Cool Ponds designs apart is their naturalistic look. We work hard to make your pond look like it belongs in your setting.

A waterfall in the winter brings a beautiful focus to any landscape.



Some Installation Services Cool Ponds Provides:

Pond installation

Pond-free Waterfall installation

Rain Water Harvesting

Water Feature Maintenance

Landscape Plantings
Paver and Natural Stone Patios
Underwater and Landscape Lighting

Wildlife Habitats
Retention Pond Edge Plantings
Large Pond and Lake Aeration System Installation
Large Pond and Lake Fountain Installation


Why Would You Choose Anyone But the Expert?
You want a water feature with no worries, right? Not only have we installed hundreds of water features, we can also service the features we install, answer any questions you may have about the care and maintenance of your feature, and have a full-service store with any products you may need and a staff that knows your pond. Cool Ponds is better equipped than other companies to help you get what you want and need -- A well-designed, well-constructed, natural looking water feature with no effort, worries, or complications for you.

The first step in getting your dream water feature is to schedule an appointment with one of Cool Ponds' design and construction experts.
We will meet with you to determine how best to situate your water feature, find the right mix to fit with your lifestyle, and most importantly learn about your dreams of your water feature.

Cool Pond's designs are natural and complete ecosystems with a carefully balanced collection of flora and features that will provide you with a beautiful addition to your grounds with very low ongoing maintenance requirements. We know you'd rather spend time appreciating your pond rather than maintaining it.

People have told us that they can see a difference between a Cool Ponds design and others. Cool Ponds designs look like they belong. This is no accident, but rather a result of years of study and a keen aesthetic eye.

All of our installed water features come with a one-year warranty.
It's important to us that you enjoy your feature through four full seasons to see how it behave, changes, evolves with us there to guide you. We'll also schedule an introductory visit with you to answer any questions you may have and explain how your water feature functions and how to care for it.

Again, another benefit to working with Cool Ponds is our retail store and staff and maintenance department.
The installation of your water feature is only the beginning of your relationship with Cool Ponds. Our dedicated store staff can help you with any questions you have or products you need.

Pond-free waterfalls are growing in popularity because of their striking features and simplicity.

Water Features Are Not All We Do! Another great aspect about working with Cool Ponds is that we can install your complete project. You see, our roots are in general landscaping and although we now specialize in water features, there's no need to work with multiple contractors...we do it all.

Visit our display Water Features.We've surrounded our store with many different water features. Come wander our grounds and get inspired.

Getting Started.
Call us, email us, or better yet stop by our store to see our display gardens to begin your project. We can provide information about general costs, site requirements and generally discuss the options for your water feature. We can then visit your site to begin planning your perfect oasis.



  Thank you for supporting our local, family owned business.

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