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Our Store:
Everything for the water garden and pond enthusiast.




Our store at 901 E Hanna Ave in Indianapolis is surrounded by a variety of ponds of all sizes and types.





Visit the store to choose from our selection of koi and goldfish. After owning koi for a while, you recognize the temperament and personality of individual fish.





Want to attract nuthatches to your backard?
We can help with that!


Water Garden Supplies, Birding Supplies, and Large Pond and Lake Products

Whether you're looking for pond supplies, want to ask some questions about pond maintenance, or want to see a variety of water feature displays, our store in Indianapolis is the place to go.

Pond Supplies. We carry supplies that we know work — including water treatment products, pumps, koi and goldfish, aquatic plants and much more!

Do-It-Yourself Kits. We have a variety of pond and pond-free kits, ready to go, plus the supplies to support a unique, custom installation. If you're going to build your own water feature, we can help you choose the best products for your project.

The right mix of water plants can be strikingly beautiful and simultaneously reduce your pond maintenance.

Plus we can help you with answers about your project. We thoroughly back up our products with expertise. Our customers tell us that's why they pick Cool Ponds over discount suppliers that really don't have the knowledge to help choose and use products wisely.

Display Features. We've surrounded our store with examples of all sorts of ponds and water features — from a do-it-yourself starter pond to large-scale installations. We also have several examples of pond-free waterfalls that provide the gentle sounds of falling water without a pond. Wandering the pathways that surround our display ponds will fill you with ideas for your own project.

Water Plants. Did you know that the type and amount of aquatic plants you choose can make a big difference in the amount of maintenance your pond requires? Your pond is a mini-ecosystem that can be balanced with complementary plants and fish to sustain the equilibrium that means very low maintenance requirements. Cool Ponds has a wide range of aquatic plants in stock at our store. Plus, we have the knowledge to help you make choices that make your pond beautiful and easy to maintain.

Koi and Goldfish. We have a variety of beautiful, friendly fish that adapt well to ponds in the Indiana area. And again, it's not just the fish, but the knowledge about what is appropriate, how to care for the fish, how the fish winter, etc. Fish are an entertaining part of your complete pond ecosystem.

Large Pond and Lake Treatments. Yes, our specialty is backyard water features, but we also carry treatments and aerators for farm ponds and retention ponds. And just like our backyard water feature treatments, we promote natural bacterias for large bodies of water too. Prevention is always better than a cure!

Wild Bird Supplies. Many water gardening hobbyists are avid birders too. Its just a nice fit. We choose only the best quality productsfor our bird food, accessories, and supplies department.

Ask an Expert. Sometimes you want to get a little help — to ask someone with experience. We're always ready to help with advice and timely tips for your project.

Cool Ponds Rewards Progam. You deserve to be rewarded for your business. We're happy to do it!


  Thank you for supporting our local, family owned business.

901 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227